What we do

1. Editing

If you already have text for your publication but think it needs work, this is where editing comes in. We would work on:

  • Expression (e.g. tightening up long, rambling sentences)
  • Spelling (correcting errors and ensuring consistency)
  • House style (making sure the text follows an agreed style).

2. Writing

Writing covers everything from a brochure to a summary of a report. We would look at:

  • Audience (Who will read it? What do they need to know?)
  • Tone (making it ‘friendly’, ‘hard-hitting’, etc)
  • Structure (What should come first? How will readers find their way through the document?).

3. Proofing

Proofreading sounds simple but is very difficult to do properly. It involves checking:

  • Spelling
  • Consistency
  • Spacing
  • Headings
  • Cross-references
  • Page numbering.
Singing Australia

“Michael Wall is an excellent editor because he combines an attention to detail with a technical understanding of language and an analytical grasp of content.”

Tony Moore,
Pluto Press